Visual Tour - Does Your Aggregator Do This?

We know there are many choices out there. But BlogBridge offers an unsurpassed set of productivity increasing, information distilling, eyeball pleasing capabilities.

Does your current aggregator do that? Oh, and is it free?


  1. Attention statistics and metrics (release 5.13)
  2. Micropublishing - post directly to your own blog
  3. A built-in meme tracker (release 5.13)
  4. Beautiful album layout for Photo feeds
  5. SmartFeeds - standing searches modeled after iTunes Smart Playlists
  6. Dynamic subscription to OPML reading lists
  7. Publish industry-standard OPML Reading Lists
  8. Huge collection of Feeds and Reading Lists to get you started
  9. Direct integration with
  10. Wide integration with numerous other services, like Amazon, Google, Technorati and Flickr.

Try it today! Remember, it’s free.

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