BlogBridge Desktop

BlogBridge Desktop (BlogBridge for short, sometimes) is our flagship, open source blog and feed aggregator. In a way it’s the center of our product line, with which the other products inter-operate, although of course they don’t necessarily depend on BlogBridge.

There are of course numerous rss aggregators on the market, and really does the world really need another one? We wonder that every time someone comes out with a new one. We think, of course, that BlogBridge is special. Being special means it’s not for everyone, but it could be just what you are looking for.

In brief, here’s what you get with BlogBridge:

  • A feed and blog aggregator designed for people who need to look at lots and lots of information as part of their job.
  • An aggregator with all the basic must-have features:
    • Support for alll flavors of RSS and Atom
    • Good article unread management
    • Great usability
    • Ability to handle hundreds of feeds without breaking a sweat
  • A service which automatically synchronizes your subscriptions from one computer to the next, so you will always be up to date.
  • A comprehensive collection of Guides on all kinds of topics that you might be interested in, accessible directly from within BlogBridge. This is a great way to get to know what’s available in the world of feeds and blogs.
  • Rich support for reading lists, which are dynamic lists of feeds which you can publish for others to subscribe to, or that you yourself can subcribe to.
  • Tools to allow you to search and sort through all this information, to help you find that one needle in a haystack. Ratings, Smart collections of feeds, and more.
  • Great integration with important other Web 2.0 services such as and Flickr to make BlogBridge your information cockpit.
  • Oh, and it’s free, and open source, and runs on all platforms.

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