Downloading and Running BlogBridge

Installing BlogBridge

Installing and running BlogBridge is very easy. BlogBridge is a Java application requiring a working version of Java on your personal computer, which is usually not an issue.

Instructions for Windows Users

Click here to download and run the Windows installer.
(Recommended for Windows Users.)

  • Windows will ask you: “Do you want to run or save this file?”
  • Click “Run” You might get a security warning that “The publisher cannot be verified” - it’s ok to click “Run”
  • The Installer Wizard will be displayed. Just click “Next” until you see “Finish”. Click “Finish”
  • After the download is complete, Internet Explorer will ask again: “Do you want to run this application”? Click “Yes” to start the installer.

Instructions for Mac OS X Users

Click here to download the Macintosh OS X installer
(Recommended for Apple Macintosh OS X 10.4.x Users)

Click here to download plain ZIP archive with Macintosh OS X application
(Recommended for Apple Macintosh OS X 10.3.x Users)

  • BlogBridge will download, after which you will get a message saying “blogbridge-6.7.dmg” contains an application. Are you sure? Press Continue.
  • The BlogBridge application will be placed on your desktop. Many users then use the Finder to move it form the desktop to their Applications folder.

Instructions for Linux Users

Click here for the TGZ.
(Recommended for Linux Users)

  • You can download and unpack it in any location, and you will find which is used to start the application
  • Alternatively, Foresight Linux users can install an up-to-date pre-packaged version with the console command below. Thank you, devnet.:

sudo conary update
(For more information check the forum thread)


  • Click here if you suspect you may have a bad Java installation
  • Click here to understand the different kinds of releases we have
  • Click here to get the Java Web Start download and install
  • Click here for Java Web Start Trouble Shooting Tips

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