History Of Changes

6.7 Final

  • Updates and fixes to Cleanup Wizard
  • Updates to the SmartFeed properties dialog
  • Added manual update mode option to feed properties
  • Added mobility flag to guide properties (for BlogBridge iPhone)
  • Resolved Snow Leopard compatibility issues

6.6.1 Final

  • Fixes application hanging when showing some feeds

6.6 Final

  • Added Twitter SmartFeed
  • Added Twitter Support
  • Updates to German translation
  • Removed old Findory and Feedster Smart Feeds
  • Minor bug fixes

6.5 Final

  • API to add new PTB blog types with plug-ins
  • Fixed Firefox3 support on Windows
  • Added German translation
  • Little fixes and performance improvements

6.3 Weekly Development

  • BB - PTB: Added templates engine with an editor to the “Post To Blog” feature
  • BB - Core: Added Sentiments Analysis feature (Publishing level)
  • BB - Core: Improved reliability of feeds parsing
  • BB - Core: Fixed minor navigation issues
  • BB - Core: Fixed odd behavior of the Cleanup Wizard when a guide is selected
  • BB - Core: Added “Discover other blogs” command to feeds and articles
  • BB - Core: Improved image caching performance
  • BB - OPML: Updated OPML export dialog with an extended export option
  • BB - GUI: Replaced colors in drop-downs with nicer pastel versions
  • BB - GUI: Fixed the layout of the reports dialog when showing long feed / guide names
  • BB - GUI: Improved rendering of aligned images and images inside links
  • BB - Net: Repopulating own del.icio.us tags on “Get Others Tags”

6.1 Weekly Development

  • BB - Core: Polling of huge subscription lists doesn’t block GUI
  • BB - GUI: SmartFeed article header redesign
  • BB - GUI: The feed link in a SmartFeed article header has feed context menu now
  • BB - GUI: Added an option to show article URLs in the headers (see Preferences / Articles)
  • BB - GUI: Added image blocker (not all images can be clicked over yet)

6.0.2 Final

  • BB - Core: Many performance optimizations
  • BB - Core: Database stability improvements
  • BB - Core: Reading Lists subscription performance improvements
  • BB - Core: Added Windows Vista UAC support
  • BB - GUI: Fixed toolbar on Mac OS X Leopard

5.14 Weekly Development

  • BB - Statistics: Added many feed / guide related reports
  • BB - Statistics: Added feeds without traffic report
  • BB - Statistics: Added feeds in multiple guides report
  • BB - Statistics: Made feeds and guides in reports clickable
  • FL: Added “Show in navigation bar” option to folders and items
  • FL: Fixed some JavaScript errors
  • FL: Fixed showing ‘array’ tag for a folder from OPML
  • FL: Added a table of tag replacements (populated when merging tags, used when auto-generating tags for folders and items)

5.13 Weekly Development

  • BB - Core: Added statistics collection and display
  • BB - Post to Blog: Added multiple selected articles blogging
  • BB - Core: Various small fixes (internationalization, missing resource keys)

5.12 Weekly Development

  • BB - GUI: Showing no ugly pending / missing image icons
  • BB - Core: What’s Hot — Greatly updated
  • BB - Core: Post to blog — multiple articles support
  • BB - Plugin: Added Toolbar Plugin type
  • FL: No URL masquerading for items (see preferences)
  • FL: Pretty links for items and folders
  • FL: Added option to generate tags/descriptions to preferences (see preferences)
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