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Top Questions

Why do I need BlogBridge?

BlogBridge is designed for people who need to follow many blogs and rss feeds. If all you do online is read the front page of the NYTimes, follow the Red Sox, and read DailyKos then you probably don’t need Blogbridge. But if you read five or ten papers, a dozen or more blogs, track multiple projects, get lots of email alerts or newsletters…if you follow news about clients, industries or companies…if you run marketing, PR, fundraising or political
campaigns…well, BlogBridge could really make your life a lot easier.

Blogbridge lets you to stay up to-the-minute on what you need to know–whether that’s the latest in proteomics, aerospace, encryption, ebay auctions, celebrity gossip, movie deals, or stock prices. If you need to follow specific topics in computer sciece or law, or trends in art or real estate..if you are a collector or if you run a retail business…if you teach a class, engage in research, train employees, or provide professional services, then Blogbridge can help you stay on top of your discipline and interests and actually give you a competitive advantage.

If you aren’t using Blogbridge now, consider the fact some of your competitors probably are.

So save yourself a few headaches. Get all those emails updates out of your inbox and into a feed reader. News and information is increasingly shared through RSS feeds so why not use a terrific aggregator that will grow with your information needs–no matter what computer or operating system you have now or plan to switch to, one that holds on to your collection of feeds and gives you access wherever you are, whatever computer you use.

Blogbridge gets more powerful and interesting with our regular updates. And best of
all? Blogbridge is free!

What kind of user is BlogBridge targetted at?

What kind of user is BlogBridge targetted at? RSS Feeds and Blogging are still fairly new, although we think very exciting new areas. We would like BlogBridge to be useful to users at all levels, including beginners. It is pretty difficult to make easy to use software, so we won’t get it right the first time, but our goal is a truly simple and fun to use application.

What can I do with it?

You can keep up with the avalanche of information coming at you from the web over feeds of all sorts. You can read, sort, filter, subset, display, tag, and even re-publish using BlogBridge and the affiliated BlogBridge Service. Here are some more links to look at:

What can’t I do with it?

While you can’t create or host your own blog with BlogBridge, if you already have a blog, you can even use BlogBridge to create posts based on what you are reading.

Is it really free?


What does BlogBridge do?

BlogBridge gathers anything you want that has an RSS feed and makes it all easy to access, organize, review, and even share. While there are other tools that (sort of) do this, BlogBridge is specifically designed to help people who,

  1. Want or need to read a lot of blogs or online news without a lot of hassle; and
  2. People who want to monitor specific topics, trends, ideas, or information online.

BlogBridge is also a great tool for anyone who needs to stay ahead of the info curve in their field—even if you aren’t reading blogs at this time.

For power bloggers, publishers, and taggers, BlogBridge offers advanced features to let them further share what they are learning.

So if you should know everything about neuroscience, pork bellies, real estate in Manhattan, gene therapy, wireless technology, Paris Hilton, the auto industry, the US Congress, IRS rulings, Microsoft, etc. BlogBridge could be just what you need.

What’s a blog?

A blog used to refer to a weblog—that is, a chronicle of an Internet user’s adventures online. Things have changed. Blogs are now not much different from your average website except that they use RSS to signal the world whenever there is fresh content. This website for example is built on a “blog” platform. Think of a blog as a next-generation (i.e., Web 2.0) website, if you like. You can get in many long late-night discussions with people about whether this is accurate or not, but, clearly blogs are here to stay and they are replacing traditional websites.

How does BlogBridge work?

You tell BlogBridge what info you want, and BlogBridge goes and gets it. And it keeps getting it so you don’t have to ask again. Ever. Once it retrieves the info you want, it organizes everything and holds onto it until you don’t want it anymore. Take a look. SCREEN SHOT
BlogBridge actually consists of two pieces: the software you download onto your computers, and services provided by our host computers. The service operates quietly behind the scenes to provide you many of the great capabilities in BlogBridge. For example, BlogBridge will store information about your feeds and other preferences on the service. That way you can take your world with you no matter where you run BlogBridge.

Okay, so how do I download and install BlogBridge?

Download BlogBridge here. It only takes a few minutes until you’re up and running. Also check here for step by step instructions on how to get it up and running. Not that it’s hard, but in case you want some additional details.

What an Expert Guide?

An Expert Guide is simply a collection of feeds around a specific topic that have been selected by someone who has real expertise in that area. They are feeds that people who are interested in your topic are reading regularly—they are, in reality, feeds of influence! Save yourself some time and donwload a guide or two. They’re free. If we don’t have the specific guide you want, try Clipper.

How do I subscribe to a guide?

It’s pretty darn simple. Go to the Guide menu in BlogBridge and choose “Subscribe to Reading List…”. If you happen to know the URL of the reading list, enter it. Otherwise, click on the “Suggest” button and peruse our fine collection of Expert Guides and choose which ones you’d like to follow.

How do I subscribe to a feed?

Pretty simple, actually. Take a look at the diagram below, from our famous (but not yet written) BlogBridge Picture Book. Here it is, step by step:

  1. Click on “Subscribe To Feed”
  2. Fill in the URL to the feed you want. Any URL that relates to the feed will do. Don’t worry about RSS, and all that nonsense!
  3. (Optional) If you want to look at our expert guides, click on “Suggest” and peruse the catalog

That’s all!

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