April 14, 2008

Discovering feeds as you read blogs

Filed under: BlogBridge — Pito Salas on 5:13 pm

It is common to come across a blogger who thinks just like you do, or who covers a topic you are interested in as well. Wouldn’t it be nice to easily learn what other sources that blogger reads and admires? The best way to know that they respect another blog is that they link to it, right? So now, with BlogBridge 6.3 that information is a single click away.

We call it “Discover other blogs”. Here’s how it works: At any time when reading a blog, if it looks like there’s some interesting topics being referenced, just click the Discover Other Blogs command (on the Feeds menu, or the right-click menu.) That’s all there is to it.

Magically you will see links in the articles get highlighted, some red and some green.

A green highlight means this is a link to some blog that you are already subscribed  to. Not too exciting, just move along.

But, a red highlight means that the author is referencing another blog that you don’t currently know. If you mouse hover over the link you see a cool infobox telling you what we know about this blog: particularly what the title of the blog is and also how many other blogs link to it (a good indicator of how good it is.) 

A simple right click on the link lets you subscribe to the feed so you can start watching it and decide whether it’s a keeper or not. 

This is delivers an end-to-end answer: read a blog, see a referenced blog and it’s readership, and if it looks good, subscribe to it. All in just a couple of clicks. The circle of life.

(Those of us worried about information overload might then follow with a “delete” of the previous blog that actually wasn’t all that good after all!)

This is another new BlogBridge 6.3 feature. BlogBridge 6.3 is still a weekly development release, so to play with this capability you need to get the weekly development release, which you can learn about here and download here.


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  1. Funny thing is that reading this article in the BB.com feed and turning on the feature marks the BB.com link red.

    I opened a new thread in the forum…

    Comment by Markus Merz — April 15, 2008 @ 10:35 am

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