April 20, 2007

5.3 Weekly Released

Filed under: Announcements — Aleksey Gureiev on 1:04 pm

Alright, the deployment has just finished and it’s time to highlight some of the most important changes of this week.

Let me start by traditional note that we fixed another nice set of bugs and annoyances you, our beloved users, were actively reporting during previous iterations (here’s the round of applause for you). Check out the list to get a better idea of what has changed.

Configuring pinned articles taggingThere’s one very nice feature added, we thought everyone actively using PIN feature would welcome. Now you can configure BlogBridge to tag articles you are pinning automatically. I personally, like to use this feature during morning news scanning to mark pieces I would love to get back to and read more carefully later. Certainly, you can find more applications to this addition. To start experimenting, open the Preferences dialog on the Tags page and configure the tagging when pinning with the space-separated list of tags.

There’s a nice counterpart for this feature. A couple of hours ago we added a new page to My BlogBridge site with the list of all links you tagged in the BlogBridge desktop client. Note that this page shows only the links stored on our server, not del.icio.us (see Preferences / Tags page), so be not surprised to find it empty if you are an avid del.icio.us user. This feature is very fresh though and will grow more soon, so don’t forget to water it with your thoughts regularly.

Preferences Guides FilterA long requested feature — Hiding Guides without Unread Feeds — is also available for testing. You can find a single filter box on the Preferences / Guides page. Set the color to whatever you like or mark read Guides as hidden and BlogBridge will take care of everything else. It’s very much analogous to what we have for Feeds, and I believe no one will find it difficult to grasp. If you have any further ideas as to what types of Guides could be color coded, make sure to drop us a line. The forum is at your service.

And the last bit of advancement that I have a pleasure to highlight in this brief review is Per Feed Article Sorting… You are welcome! The life has become much simpler, hasn’t it?

If you like something, don’t like something, have any constructive criticism, or another ground breaking idea, we are always open. Write us, discuss ideas in our forum, take active part in the life of the community!

Here comes the traditional links giveaway:

  • del.icio.us
  • digg
  • Netscape
  • Reddit
  • Slashdot
  • StumbleUpon
  • Furl

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  1. (Comment also in the features section of the BB forum)

    > tag articles you are pinning automatically

    Looks like a general preference.

    I would love to have that on a per guide or per feed base. If you cover multiple fields of information (LocalNews, ITnews, Event, JobOffers, backlinks, MyName … just to name some examples) AND you organize those feeds in different guides or even monitor it through multiple smart feeds a per guide or feed tagging would make much more sense!

    > Hiding Guides without Unread Feeds


    1. Hiding guides with read feeds
    2. Hiding guides with all feeds read.

    Just for better understanding :)

    > Per Feed Article Sorting

    You may listen to the applause too :)

    Comment by Markus Merz — April 20, 2007 @ 6:22 pm

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