April 7, 2007

5.2 Weekly Released

Filed under: Announcements — Aleksey Gureiev on 10:07 am

Hi BlogBridgers! This week we have something really interesting for you to play with. Let me start with the most vivid feature of the last two releases — Plug-in Support. Two weeks ago we extended the application with some kind of framework that allows to install and manage extensions of various types, like Themes, Keybindings, and SmartFeeds. Today we append Resource and Code-based plug-ins to this list in order to make the picture more complete. Learn what are these creatures and how to use them on the pages of our public wiki.

What’s really important here is that using this fun stuff you can change the look and feel of the application almost completely to tune it to your personal taste without waiting for the team. Of course, we continue to work on the project actively and will deliver more and more wonderful features, but this is a very nice opportunity to indulge yourself with a new set of icons, custom colors and fonts, new SmartFeeds and who knows what else. And don’t forget to share your creations with friends!

One little note though: the framework is in the early stage of development, so please expect changes. They will be announced in this blog.

What else? The next most noticeable enhancement is database compacting and backup. From now on, when you close the application, it will make an effort to compact the database to provide the faster startup speeds and better (read more reliable) operation. If you run BlogBridge most of the time, you can call the compacting and backup commands using the Tools menu. You’ll like it!

There’s a long list of fixes and enhancements delivered by this release that were not voiced here, but you can always see them in our history of changes. Yes, and we are looking forward hearing from you: use forum, write letters, leave comments.

For those who are new to weekly releases, you can start the latest weekly build directly from our server.

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