November 8, 2006

Romain Guy

Filed under: BlogBridge — Pito Salas on 1:54 pm

Romain Guy is a leading technical voice in the Java community, especially when it comes to building great and innovative user interfaces and experiences. Recently he wrote about his “Favorite RSS Readers”. Here’s some of what he said:

“BlogBridge is my RSS reader of choice on both Windows and Linux. It looks rather good, with a sufficiently customizable UI, provides a clean layout to browse your feeds and it’s available everywhere.

BlogBridge is not only a Java/Swing application, it’s also a WebStart Java application. That means I can launch it from pretty much anywhere I am, that is school. That feature would be utterly useless if there was no easy way to recall your feeds and the BlogBridge guys did think about that too. They offer a cool online service to backup and restore all your feeds, guides (sorts of feeds groups) and other settings. All your feeds are one click away, and so is the end of my boredom at school.

Read all that Romain had to say about BlogBridge.

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