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We are very sorry to let you know that BlogBridge is going away. As of today we are not accepting new subscriptions.

After a glorious run of almost 10 years, regretfully, BlogBridge is no longer available as a supported product. While it still has innovations that have not been copied in newer products, the fact is that the interest in dedicated rss readers has passed and it does not make commercial sense to continue. Actually, it hasn’t made commercial sense for several years, but I am sentimental about it!

For further details please look at the BlogBridge Goodbye Page

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Welcome, Google Reader users

Filed under: BlogBridge — Pito Salas on March 19, 2013 8:07 am

You are probably here because you are considering what to do after Google Reader goes Kaboom! Thanks for considering BlogBridge! Here’s some of the things you should know about us:

  • Unlike Google Reader, BlogBridge is a desktop app. You double click on your desktop (Windows, Mac or Linux) and it opens a nice window with drag and drop and buttons and so on, just like you are used to.
  • No kidding, BlogBridge has THE most flexible ways to keep up with your feeds –Smart
    Feeds, that give your rich filtering of info based on a wide range of properties. Star ratings that let you organize feeds by how valuable you feel they are, What’s Hot to pull out the most important posts from your posts, Cleanup Wizard to flexibly delete stuff that is cluttering up your life
  • OPML and Import/export which allows you to pull all your Google Reader subscriptions over with ease. Export is important because you don’t want to get locked into any tool, including BlogBridge.
  • Very fancy support for people who write as well as read blogs. Directly from inside BlogBridge you can post to twitter, or your own blog, as well as other tools. You can use tagging services like as well.

Anyway, there’s much much more. Take a look at these other pages for more information, or better yet, just download BlogBridge today and try it yourself!

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  • Netscape
  • Reddit
  • Slashdot
  • StumbleUpon
  • Furl

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